Sugar Beach Resort, Mauritius.Feels like home to me


We leave our plane after an easy 3 hour and 40 minute flight,
from ORT International Airport in Johannesburg.
We landed at the recently rebuilt Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Airport
The on-board crew were very friendly.
As was the Captain whom I “bumped” into while waiting to use the toilet.
Our landing, in the rain, was so gentle that I almost did not realize that we had touched down
I, like many other travelers, only relax once I see my suitcase on the carousel.
This time it was waiting before we got to the delivery point.
My wife and I managed to fit a week’s worth of clothing into one suitcase,
hence our concern about it getting lost.
This S’cure Samsonite case also went with me to Kilimanjaro.
Unfortunately not all the way to the summit.
Heading across the island to our first destination…
Sugar Beach.
It was dark when we arrived,
and I only discovered this well dressed guard during my early morning walk

The resort replicates old style Colonial plantation architecture.
It exudes light and airy accommodation as well as public spaces

Put your toes in the water…
Take a listen to what the Zac Brown Band has to say about that…

I do enjoy the style of this resort…

During our drive from the airport,
my wife had asked if the island was flat.
I believe that this image proves it is not

The modern way of enjoying books on holiday.
I am uncertain if the sea air is good for electronic devices

Sparkly goods for sale

You can laze in the pool while looking at the ocean.
Never quite understood that concept.

Cool and shady…

You have to figure that the male on the left is checking out tail feathers

Another view of the accommodation at Sugar Beach

Not quite a Komodo Dragon.

The colours are spectacular…

In South Africa this would be described as “broekie-lace”

Too hot for tennis?

My wife enjoying a mid morning nap…

Too early for the gym.

And we will be going to explore Port Louis in a couple of days time.
Guests have a choice of bus, taxi or using hotel transport.

Falling coconuts supposedly account for approximately 150 deaths a year…
Substantially more than are killed by Great White sharks…
These claims it seems are unsubstantiated, and are therefore (possibly) an urban legend.
HOWEVER… it pays to look up…not down.

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