My Kilimanjaro trip through Bianca Schulte’s lens…

With thanks to Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation and Globeflight

As a photographer, I often find myself “out of the picture”…literally.
So many thanks to Bianca for these images…
Let the adventure begin.
ORT International Airport, 03/10/2014.
Awaiting our Rwandair flight to Kililimanjaro International Airport via Kigali
At Kigali airport…
Luckily, only a 40 minute layover.
Not a great terminal building as it seems to be under construction

At Rongai Gate at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro.
I have NO idea what caused the look on my face…
First morning on the slopes of the mountain.
Kilimanjaro is in the background.
Terence Parkin and I enjoy a cup of coffee before the daily walk begins

Mount Mawenzi in the distance…

Still smiling…
This is part of the reason for the climb.
To prove that the Deaf can do anything except hear…

I was not cold…at this point.
The buff was to stop me getting sunburn

An afternoon acclimatization walk to 4500m.

Watermelon for dessert!

At the summit…
Success for the whole team

With our head guide, Isack

Our second guide, Roman, does not look too happy.
The rest of us do!

Bi and I headed back to Kibo Hut.

This is what we climbed up in the dark.

Running back to camp…
Manase and I in the mess tent after our successful summit.

On the way, at speed, back to the gate and a ride to the hotel.
Almost over…

The team…

My thoughts…
Thanks to Terence for this picture, taken at Gilman’s Point
My 2nd successful summit.
“This adventure taught me a lot about myself and that humility makes all things easier”
Being my second summit attempt, I sort of knew what might be expected on a daily basis. However, what I was not prepared for was the cold and the wind. But there was nothing I could do about either of those factors, and I had to make the best of what each day had to offer. I might have been grumpy back in 2006, I don’t remember. But I know that I was on a couple of days during this trip. Being the oldest by more than 20 years has some perks?
That aside, I had to marvel and the fortitude of Bianca Schuite on summit day, 
when giving up was a REAL option for her. 
Terence Parkin continues to amaze me with his resilience and “I-can-do-anything” attitude. He now holds the record for the first South African Deaf Olympian to stand on the summit of Kilimanjaro.(It was also thanks to his involvement with the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation, that this climb actually happened) 
In my opinion,Winners Shishenge, who was thrown in at almost the last moment, 
exceeded his own expectations. 
Summit night was the hardest for me and Gilman’s Point seemed to get no nearer as we climbed under the light of the full moon. 
There was a point for me, where I was about to give up, and the crater lip finally appeared.
The walk from there to the new sign at Uhuru was virtually plain sailing, but I had forgotten about the last few meters and the biting wind.

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