Kilimanjaro Challenge 2014. Through my lens


Through my lens…
Some of the sights from my recent trip to Tanzania

This Marabou Stork HAS to rate as one of the “Ugly 5”.
I found it scrabbling for food in a rubbish dump opposite our hotel in Moshi.
Aside from the bird, there were a couple of the locals also going through the rubbish.

Then, this youngster came along the path.
I had already taken a picture of his friends…
and he wanted to pose for me as well.
Big smile and neatly dressed.
The future hope of this African country?
I do hope so

Even amongst the rubbish and the dry and dusty roadside verges
there was beauty and colour.

The grounds of the hotel offered these…

And these.

I found this plant outside the entrance gate on the side of the road.

Most of the informal trading is centered around Kilimanjaro
and what has been forgotten at home.
I doubt that climbers would arrive without boots or shoes.
But, just in case…

I hope that this bear made it to the summit.
Many climbers carry a mascot or good luck charm

I found a “mini-market” about half way to Simba Camp on Day 1 of our climb.
It seems that the porters take a break here and have something to eat and drink.
AND they still beat us to camp.

On the lower slopes the vegetation is sub-tropical
and hence the plethora of Ferns

For those who have not been on the mountain,
this was a surprise…
They were in for more surprises when the landscape changed to Alpine Desert.

Snug as a bug…
The one thing I wanted was to be able to stand up to change clothes!
But the tents offered sanctuary from the cold and the rain,
even if I had to get dressed lying on my back

The positive side is crawling out of the tent to this view!

Water collection time

And someone has to do the dishes…

Our final destination lies off in the distance.
Even though the skies were a clear Azure blue, the wind was cold
and warm clothing was the order of the day.
AND sunscreen.

I was told that this is a Fuchsia.

The mist usually rolled in during the afternoon.
At which point the mountain “vanished”…

Looking back across the bleak Alpine Desert landscape.
Looking back was the easy option.
In the opposite direction was Kilimanjaro and the enormous challenge that lay ahead

Not once, but twice…


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