Kilimanjaro Challenge, 2014. The summit in B&W


When I pressed the shutter, I never expected THIS!
Taken at Gilman’s Point,10/10/2014.
On my way to Uhuru Peak.

The majority of climbers use the route that arrives at Stella Point.
As with these people…

Sunrise from Stella Point.
This is one of the reasons that the assents always start at midnight.

There are still magnificent glaciers on the way to Uhuru.
Not much has changed since 2006.
I was relieved to see these as I had visions of arriving on a desolate summit

The final path to the signboard has two way traffic.
Those still trying to get there are taking strain,
while those on their return journey have a sense of accomplishment.
And more oxygen to breathe

Another view of the glacier field.
Climbers don’t get close enough to touch these as they are off the main pathway

Looking into the crater

Another view of the crater.

I wonder if some of the planets in our galaxy have a landscape like this?

Looking back towards the summit after my successful climb

Time to get the f&^k off the mountain.
7 hours and 22 minutes to get to the sign,
2 hours to get back to Kibo Hut!

Not once, but twice…


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