Birds (the feathered kind) and boats. Just another day in Paradise.


Looking into the shallows from the jetty as we wait for our transport
Not our transport…unfortunately.

Neither were either of these…

A vista…
Photo-bombed by a bird

Our “glass-bottomed” boat arrives.
Unfortunately the weather was not conducive to going outside the reef.
This meant that we had to cruise in the lagoon.

At least we got to see some alternative accommodation.
These looked like apartments

Another hotel further down the beach

Proof that we were both here…

Although the water looked spectacular from the surface…

Not so much when we tried to do some fish spotting.
We were able to catch glimpses of about four different species.
Unfortunately, not easy to photograph from a moving boat

Neither of these boats was moving.
Then again, neither had glass bottoms.

Interestingly I have found no drift wood,
but there is a lot of broken coral on the beach

We returned to our accommodation to discover a variety of bird species
All looking for something to eat.
A Red-whiskered Bulbul

Feeding its young…

This is a Madagascar Fody…
Then what is it doing on Mauritius.
Perhaps it should be renamed?

A Village Weaver.
I wonder what the city/town Weaver looks like…

I have never seen a grey Pelican before.

The young lady in the second row turned out to be a bride
on her way to a photo-shoot.
I discovered that Sugar Beach is a haven for the recently engaged,
about to be married and honeymooners.

This looks like a coconut fragmentation grenade.
Luckily there does not seem to be a large number of trees
bearing this particular fruit.

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