A special dinner at Paul & Virginie Restaurant, La Pirogue. Mauritius


The legend of Paul & Virginie is a sad and romantic tale of two young people
who grew up on Il du France,as Mauritius was originally named.
They hoped to get married, but it was decreed that Virginie would be educated in France.
The ship that she traveled on,The Saint Geran was smashed to pieces and she died at sea.
Paul died of a broken heart…
This story has touched every generation since 1787.
The restaurant where we enjoyed this wonderful meal is named in their honour
Although we are staying at Sugar Beach, I stayed at La Pirogue in 2013
and the friendships I forged with Jean-Marie, the Sales and Marketing Manager,
and Vanessa, the Guest Relations Manager got my wife and I invited to dinner
back at La Pirogue.
My “new” friend at this resort is the General Manager, Clency,
who was in Australia during my last visit.
Many thanks for hosting us this evening

The view from our table

Let the eating commence…

Our amusebouche was a single, bite-sized hors d’œuvre,
consisting of Marlin and onoins

A good South African wine to compliment the sea food meal

Paul & Virginie prawn cocktail…
And what a cocktail it was!

To follow…
Honey lacquered  Bay Scallops,
with red onion compote and thyme

I don’t normally enjoy a broth.
I prefer my soups thick and chunky.
this Lemongrass seafood broth with tumeric was delicious

The mains…
Grilled Lobster tail on a sweet-corn and green pea risotto
Wilted greens and a warm Tartar sauce


And finally, dessert.
Coconut cremeaux  and passion fruit sorbet.
What a way to end of a memorable meal.

Looking up…
I assume that the netting is to prevent birds, and possibly bats
from roosting here.

There are several dining areas within the confines of the restaurant.
They make for a secluded eating experience

And the lit pools enhance the feeling of tranquility

My camera certainly has been working overtime on this trip.

Time to head back to our accommodation at Sugar Beach.
The walk, all of 300m, will help us with our post meal digestion.



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