The Corner Shop, Linden. Spring Day 2014


Happy Spring Day all.
Time for my Happy Dance.
Situated on the corner of 4th Avenue and 7th Street,
the Corner Shop is certainly the brightest shop in the suburb

These bicycles are wheeled inside every night.
Hence the fact that they are still here.

I thought I recognized these “cat” plates…
They are made by my talented wife and are selling fast.

Quirky bags hang of the stairs

An overview of the ground floor of the store.
Our family is well represented here.
The photographs on the left hand wall are mine.

These might just be rolls of paper,
but it is all in the display

You can make jewelry out of ANYTHING…

And I mean anything

Scarves by the dozen

“Good day ladies”…

Imported from Greece

This was from an exhibition earlier this year that featured Ostrich eggs

From upstairs

The attention to display is what counts when it come to small spaces

“Does this label make my bars look big”…

It is amazing what can be achieved with recycled pots and traffic light lenses

I really like this egg.

I am not sure what the collective noun for tables is?
A nest does not seem appropriate in this instance

Kick back and read a book.

What would Spring Day be without flowers?
Not Spring Day?

The shop is run by Melissa and her brother,
well known artist and cross-word puzzle expert, John,
sometimes pops in…
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Phone: 011 782 7496.
Listen to what John has to say upcoming events
and what the shop has to offer:

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