Lunch at the Argentinean Bakery. Spring Day 2014


I have it on good authority that if this tree is green,’
then it is OFFICIALLY Spring!

So I do my “Happy Dance”…

And head off here for lunch.

My home-away-from home,
that is being discovered by people from all over Johannesburg

East, you can look down 7th Street

Or you can sit on the 4th Ave side
and watch the clientele popping into Arthur Bales

Don’t get here too late,
or these shelves WILL be empty.

The BEST health bread…EVER.

And at the opposite end of the scale.
Certainly not on the “Banting” Diet

THIS is why people come from far and wide.
The best croissants this side of Jan Smuts Ave.

Once upon a time, this used to work.
Now, it is merely an interesting wall decoration

The heart of the coffee shop.

Latte, one spoonful at a time.

Customers come and go…and come sit for hours.
Time it right and there will be a table available

My favourite meal.
Chicken livers with a toasted Rye roll on the side.
To be eaten with a spoon

Hugh, one of the regulars enjoying a post lunch beverage.

And more importantly in today’s modern connected world.
FREE Wi-Fi…and not a limited time voucher in sight.
Well done to owner Pierre for getting it installed.
HOWEVER, if people do abuse the system, it gets turned off.
No downloading movies please.

And the meal will not break the bank

There are board games available.
And newspapers…and did I mention,

All that aside, this is why customers keep coming back.
Great coffee AND

Chocolate croissants…
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Contact details:
Phone: 011 888 9759
Cnr 4th Avenue and 7th Street, Linden.

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