I wander, and wonder in Cape Town…


Product placement 101…
Look who came to help me with my luggage.
Dankie (thank you) Patricia.
No sign of “the mountain”.

There is “broekie lace” in evidence all over this part of the city

This balcony caught my eye…

I wonder if the “real” FBI knows what their South African counterparts are doing

I hope that this powerful statue of General Louis Botha
will STILL be here for future generations to come

Very simple, yet interesting graffiti

A blue light, rather than a whole brigade.
I did not think that police stations still used these.

Carvings above a door in the Correctional Services building

This could be anywhere in Europe

“Onse Jan”, Jan Smuts…

A favourite mode of transport in Cape Town

In Johannesburg we have e-tolls.
In Cape Town, they have parking wardens.

I found a clock like this on more than one building

A protest?
A statement?
Colourful? YES…

I found an alley off Long Street that had several antique shops.
Grey shoes? NEVER!

An iconic Long Street landmark

Do these eyes follow you?


Some days you are the Gull…

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