On the Dingle Peninsula. Wild Atlantic Way tour.


This sign pointed us towards the most western part of Ireland.
Depending on who you speak to!
One of many round stone cottages along the road.
These are on private property and not accessible for “free”…
The stones are dry laid (no cement)
and each stone is angled to allow water to drain away from the building

The HUGE building in the centre of the picture used to belong to The Cranberries.
It is now owned by BMG Music.

Stepping out for my lens…
A Pied Wagtail

This is the Blasket Center on the tip of the Dingle Peninsula.
It tells the story of the life and times of the people who used to Live on Blasket Island.

The local who runs the bookshop at the centre

This corridor is more than 100m long

One of the Chinese photographers on our tour.

One of the boats on show at the centre

Trying to keep out the rain and the wind…
Hidden under the jacket is a manuscript.
Being protected from the elements for future generations.

Blasket Island.
The inhabitants were removed in 1953,
when life on it became untenable

Katie, from Vancouver

The visitors center at Gallarus Oratory
Known as the ” The Church of the place of the Foreigners”.
Built between the 7th and 8th century
and is the best preserved Christian church in Ireland

The Fushia are in full bloom

Part of the church wall.

No roof…the stones are built up in such a fashion as to form it

From the inside looking out

Looking back over the fields towards the visitors centre

This is where we had dinner…
Out Of The Blue Restaurant.
They only do fish dishes…
BUT they do NOT do chips.

A final sunset from my hotel room in Dingle.
Goodbye and thanks for all the fish.

Tune into the brief interview I had on this station.


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