Dingle Oceanworld. Mara Beo. Wild Atlantic Way tour


This is where out group was going to have lunch in Dingle.
I got there earlier than expected and I decided to walk down the road
to visit this tourist attraction
Dingle Oceanworld…

Lots of information and activities for the kiddies

I have been watching too many episodes of “Deadliest Catch”…

Some of the rubbish found in the seas of the Irish coast

The displays are broken down into various regions.
Each with an electronic guide as to what the fish species are,
and interesting facts about them

There are both fresh and salt water displays

Some of the fish I had never seen before

However, I did recognise these as coming from Malawi

One of the marine tropical display tanks

I am in awe of the colours of these beautiful creatures

At the end of the gallery, is a huge salt water display

No music, but this shark was cruising around in a leisurely fashion
Because they have no eyelids, they seem have a perpetual “surprised” look

This Triggerfish was taking stones from one side of the tank
and spitting them out on the other side.
Strange behaviour indeed?

One of the most feared species in the Amazon…
The Red-bellied Piranha.

I said to our tour guide that trying to get 26 people to co-operate
is like trying to put an Octopus in a bucket…
Unfortunately I ran out of time and was unable to visit the Polar Penguin Exhibit
or the Ocean Tunnel.
For the young, and young at heart, there is also a touch tank.
Lots to see and enjoy…and certainly spend more time than the 30 minutes that I did.

There is a well stocked curio shop

Plenty of “goodies” that the little ones will want
To find out more, visit:

And THIS was our lunch.
Fresh Pollack caught by Martina earlier today.

Tune into the brief interview I had on this station.


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