Bird life in and around Hamiltons Tented Camp


Since I am not often in the Kruger National Park,
I am unfamiliar with many of the bird species.
I have requested assistance from my birding friends,
and I will update the “nameless” images as help comes in.
Help came in the form of Clive Ramsbottom,
who tells me that this is an Ashy Flycatcher.

One of the most easily recognized silhouettes in the bush.
A fork-tailed Drongo

A Arrow-marked Babbler catching sight of his reflection in my tent window

A Chinspot Batis…
a first for me

My best shot of the trip.
A Pearl Spotted Owlet in broad daylight!

You HAVE to like the look of contentment on this female Impala
as the Red-Billed Oxpeckers get about their business

The same bird on a Giraffe

A Brown Hooded Kingfisher awaiting the opportunity to catch a meal

Juvenile Storks that are almost ready to leave the nest

Anyone want to take a stab at these?

The ugly side of the bush.
Vultures perched on the carcass of a White Rhino that had been poached.
The larger bird is a Lappet-Faced Vulture and the only one there.
The rest seemed to be White-Backed.

A Cape Glossy Starling keeping an eye on me as I had breakfast

A Brown-Headed parrot feeding on the fruit of a Sausage Tree

An African Fish Eagle,
definitely the sound of Africa.

A Burchell’s Coucal.
Also known as the Rain Bird…
although no rain was forecast.

A Yellow-Billed Hornbill,
one of the cheeky species found in and around most camps and lodges

A red-Crested Koorhaan,
Also known as the Suicide bird due to his mating ritual

A Tawny Eagle

A White-Backed Vulture with a chick

All images were taken on game drives from Hamiltons Tented Camp.
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