Kloofzicht Lodge and Spa. Part 2


Early morning in Mudersdrift…
With the sun peeping up from the East,
the full moon was waning in the West

Moon and balloon in…

Mist surrounding an island in the pond in front of the main lodge building

Book a balloon flight.
It takes off only a few meters from the reception area.
And winter is the BEST time to fly

Chalets in the mist…

Some of the accommodation in the early morning mist

Up and away…

Full moon was STILL hanging about

There is a small gym but it does have a great view…

This could be anywhere.
Yet, it is only 23km from our front door.

NO, I did NOT try the pool…
Our accommodation is across the bridge

The vista over the pond to the mountains beyond is spectacular.
Especially if, like me, you are prepared to get up early on a cold winter morning

The “dot” in the distance is the balloon
The deck on the left ( where the chairs are) is the roof of the gym.

Time for breakfast…
Coffee and French toast before heading back to fetch my wife
And a full English breakfast.
The dining room was extremely busy and the queue for eggs got longer and longer.
Perhaps a second grill?

Part of the welcoming reception area.
There is a special “children check-in” area,
that has a small set of wooden steps that will allow the little ‘uns to feel like adults.

Heading home we happened on this Warthog family.
We spent several minutes enjoying their antics while other cars drove past.


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