Sunset and a show as the Celebrity Reflection leaves Mykonos


Time to join many of the guests on deck to watch the sunset.
One of my favourite past-times…
taking photographs of photographers…
taking pictures…

As the sun sets in the west…

The moon has already risen over the port side of the ship

I head downstairs to the Reflection Theatre,
but as I was early for the show, I “mooched” around.
There are several sales currently on.
Offering discounts that range 20-75%…

I would rather have the flat-screen TV than the alcohol…

Perhaps I need to pay the casino a visit,
to win cash in order to buy myself the TV

Cruise Director Alexander Yepremian introducing the cast of Momentum.

If this looks blurred, then you have had too much to drink and need to lie down.
Part of the decor outside the Oceanview Cafe.
(It is mean to look like this)

I was chased back to the elevators by this performer…
Time for bed as we have a long day in Athens planned…
and then dinner at the Captain’s Table.

We always use Leon as he is always early and a pleasure to deal with.

Sherffeurs Shuttle Service.
Give Leon Sher a call on:

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