Roamin’ in Rome…


From the lounge of the hotel that we stayed at…
The Rex.
What a gem!
I don’t think so…unless you are a child and then it could be.

I hear you knocking.

Blue light brigade, Italian style…
2 cars!

It is a wonder that people can actually cycle along these streets.

Sunday in Rome…
I wonder what this street will look like on Monday

What were they discussing?

What were THEY discussing…

Cool and refreshing on a hot European summer day

Could you imaging any other world religious figure having their own “bobble head”?

One of the many drinking fountains dotted around the city.
Clean and refreshing.

From pedal power

To motorized power.

Enjoying the sunshine…

Not so certain if they are…

A very powerful image

A public transport system that actually works!

We used to have these in Johannesburg…
I wonder where they are now?

The stunning ceiling of the Rome train station.
We leave form here later this morning to board…

Sherffeurs Shuttle Service.
Give Leon Sher a call on:

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