Naples, our final port of call. . Last day on Celebrity Reflection


We disembark from our “home” and head off to find out tour bus
Can you come up with a good caption for this?
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There might be a prize in the offing.

On this trip we have seen broken “things”…
and in Pompeii, we got to see dead “things”.
But if you look behind all the tourist images,
you will find the living…

Like this Sparrow

Or this lizard…

There were more brothels than bakeries in Pompeii.
This was part of the “menu” that was available to clients.

The traffic chaos on the way to Sorrento.

This must be an antique…
I spotted this in an alley in Sorrento

I found this outside the toilets in the restaurant where we had lunch.
Bringing new meaning to :
“Tinkling the ivories”…

“I can balance with no hands”…
There was a song about swallows returning to some Italian city…
It might have been Capistrano.
I am not certain where the gulls return to,
if anywhere.

Our final sunset…
A big thank you to the officers and crew that made our trip such a joy
We hope to sail with you again soon.

We always use Leon as he is always early and a pleasure to deal with.

Sherffeurs Shuttle Service.
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