My travelling companion…Images from our Celebrity Reflection cruise


This sign could have been specifically written for my wife!
That being said, I am certain that there are other husbands
who find themselves in the same position as I do…
waiting for our wives outside a shop.
This “unofficial”* posting is dedicated to all of us
Is Europe ready for me?
Let the games begin…

Are there shops in that direction or only sea?
Note the bag of “goodies” clutched firmly under her left arm

“There is Bosco”…he was cruise Hotel Director.
Her face lit up when she recognised someone on board

It is THIS big…
At the Temple of Artemis near the ruins at Ephesus.

The post purchase reading of the contract

In Athens we were instructed by a friend to buy cherries…
And so Carolyn did…with a smile

Yet ANOTHER cup of coffee.
And free Wi-Fi for me
This was a post shopping sojourn before getting back on the ship

When Carolyn started talking to this street vendor, she discovered that her son was deaf.
They got into a long discussion about the deaf community in Greece

Another dinner, another choice.
The Tuscan Grill on the Celebrity Reflection

We met this family from Boston on board.
Despite her hearing impairment, my wife is the most gregarious person I know

“No, we can’t take it home”!
As a compromise, she bought the fridge magnet version

Does this come in Queen size?

“What have you ordered us”?
At a steakhouse in Istanbul

I know that it is in here somewhere…

In the Gymnasium at Pompeii with our tour guide Lucio

This sign at the Rome airport sums up our trip.

But I would not swap my lovely travelling companion for anyone else.

Thanks for yet another  wonderful adventure together.
*Unofficial because I did not ask permission to post this.

We always use Leon as he is always early and a pleasure to deal with.

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