Get me to the ship on time…


The main train station in Rome.
Busy but very well organized.
We found both the correct carriage, platform and seats without a hitch.
We found this elderly lady sitting in one of our seats.
She spoke no English, and we spoke no Italian.
We kindly offered her one of our window seats.
It turns out that she had sat herself down in the wrong place and had to move (again)
when passengers arrived to claim their rightful seats

My wife was certainly NOT drinking at 10h00!

We arrived at this train station and had to cart our luggage up and down steep stairs
that offerd no alternatives. Not easy on the old and those with heavy luggage or back problems.
That being said…”If you pack it, you must carry it”.

This statue is a huge copy of a famous WW2 image

We stumbled upon a wreath laying ceremony at the entrance to the port

The old and the new…
side by side

Side by side?
Or should that be size by size?

Making herself at home in our stateroom,.
My wife has already settled in.

Not quite a reflection of the Reflection…
But you get the idea.

We always use Leon as he is always early and a pleasure to deal with.

Sherffeurs Shuttle Service.
Give Leon Sher a call on:

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