Celebrity X Reflection visits Santorini


This is the only way to get from a large cruise ship
into the harbour at Santorini
Our view of Celebrity X Reflection from the tender boat

A view of Santorini,
perched high on the cliffs

This looked like it could have been the remnants of a mining operation…
Or maybe not.

We were not the only “ship-in-the-bay”
There was this schooner

and this luxury motor cruiser.

Some of the buildings that surround Santorini habour come in to view

There are more than 500 steps to Santorini…
You can do them on donkey (although these beasts looked more like mules)

We started to walk, dodging poo, tourists and the aforementioned donkeys.
We eventually gave up and decided to use the cableway

Clean, non-smelly donkeys for sale

Always a church!

There are “rest stops” along the walk,
should you require them

One of the photographers from our ship.
Mark was from Durban!

There is a rest stop for the donkeys at the top of the stairs.
Then they are turned around and they make their own way down

The mannequin on the left looks like she should be in
The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
The one on the right looks like he is on medication

Blue and white.
The favourite colours of many of the Mediterranean islands we visited

One of the MANY cappuccinos that we enjoyed.
Although this one, not so much

Home time for the “beasties”

And for us…

We were told that Santorini offers wonderful sunsets.
Unfortunately, the weather did NOT play along.
Time to head East…


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