Celebrity Reflection…our second full day at sea


We spent another full day at sea,
but that did not stop me looking for the unusual and interesting features of this ship.
Some of the staterooms have balconies.
While I was taking this picture, the guests arrived,
but did not question the fact that I was taking a picture of their “room”…
This living tree can be found at the centre of the ship.
The very heart of the Reflection and it is actually part of their art collection

I thought that this art work had something to do with sign language.
But I was wrong!
By Swiss artist Not Vital it is entitled  ” Arm to scratch the nose”

This could be seen by some as an art work.
I am not so certain…

“Aaaargh, me hearties”…

The staff at the Lawn Club Grill.
Darby Crum hosts a fun venue.

Diners get to make their own pizzas…
Like this Australian couple.

Some of the venues I visited during the day

The day ended with “The Captain’s toast”…
Captain Athanasios G. Peppas greeting his guests…
He also introduced some of his senior crew members

“I am ready for my close up Mr. DeMille”…
This guest is from Montreal, Canada and seems to be following me around

Cruise director Aleander Yepremain taking this couple by surprise.

It looks as we are in for rain over the next couple of days.
Pity, but we cannot change our destination, Istanbul, or the weather.


We always use Leon as he is always early and a pleasure to deal with.

Sherffeurs Shuttle Service.
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