Celebrity Reflection in Athens…it was all Greek to me!


Sunrise over Pireaus Harbour…
the gateway to Athens
Our home…

One way to see the harbour area…
It is aimed at tourists and the price reflects that

Do they only arrest tourists?

After seeing MANY empty shoe-shine stands in Turkey,
I finally manage to find one that is “working”…

We used the Metro to get into the city.
Quick and cheap

Broken “things”…

One of the few pillars that was not covered in graffiti.

The station building.
EVERYTHING has graffiti on it…
trains, boats, planes, ancient ruins…the list is almost endless.
I was fearful that if I stood still long enough, I too would be spray painted.

Let sleeping cats lie?
We have a full day at sea before we dock in Naples,
our final port of call.


We always use Leon as he is always early and a pleasure to deal with.

Sherffeurs Shuttle Service.
Give Leon Sher a call on:

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