And finally. Lessons from our Celebrity X Reflection cruise…


Lesson 1: Airports can be your friend…
Not easy to relax, but if you can find a place to sleep or nap, then do so.
That being said, set an alarm or make certain that you wake in time to catch your flight.
Good sleep v missed flight = BIG STRESS

Lesson 2: Always use the local coins first.
You cannot exchange them once back home.
Although they might not but much, they can be put towards a coffee…
Or you could put them in here

Lesson 3:  Have comfortable shoes!
We did LOTS of walking both on and of the ship.
Fashion loses out to comfort.

Lesson 4: You can sleep in ANY position…

Lesson 5: If in doubt…ASK.
Except from this animated  information dispenser in Dubai Airport.

Lesson 6: Not everything works.
Don’t stress, if you can’t fix it, leave it alone.
“Not my circus, not my monkeys” Polish proverb

Lesson 7: Always have a good book handy.

Lesson 8: As a photographer, chose your equipment carefully.
That extra lens is going have to be carried EVERYWHERE.
Ask yourself, “Is it really necessary”?
I keep taking a 70-300mm with me and never using it!
One day I will learn…

Lesson 9: Befriend the crew behind THIS counter.
They WILL become your best friends during the course of the cruise

Lesson 10: Be ready for the unexpected

Lesson 11: Sunsets at sea are VERY special and well worth watching

Lesson 12: Make the most of any situation.
You don’t have to understand the language, merely the context

Lesson 13: Keep an eye open for the unusual.
One red door? I wonder why.

Lesson 14: Crossing the road is easy if …
a] You look in the correct direction
b] You have help
c] There is safety in numbers.

Lesson 15: Always pack formal wear.
You don’t want to be invited to the Captains Table,
and be caught without the correct attire
( been there and done that )

Lesson 16: Sparkly “things” attract.
Men, be prepared to stand and wait…patiently!

Lesson 17: Enjoy the peace and serenity of an evening at sea.
We have decided that this is the only way to travel

Lesson 18: If only my interactions with “regular” folk was as pleasant.
Why can’t people in the on-shore service industry be as friendly?

Lesson 19: A coffee and a whip…
Does a man really need anything else?

Lesson 20: If you pack it…you carry it!
It is also an idea to “cross pack”.
Share the clothing in case one suitcase goes missing.

We always use Leon as he is always early and a pleasure to deal with.

Sherffeurs Shuttle Service.
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