An overview of our Celebrity Reflection cruise. Part 2


We dock in Kusadasi, Turkey
The last time I saw a street vendor selling balloons was in Hanoi, Vietnam

An ancient amphitheater at Ephesus.
There was an international music festival held here only ONCE.
Then the Turkish government put a stop to further such performances,
fearing that modern sound systems would harm the structure

Food, glorious food…
I did try to eat the healthy options while on board,
did not always work out that way

Day 8: Mykonos…I decided NOT to get off

Day 9: We arrive at Piraeus…
We walked to the metro and  enjoyed a quick ride into Athens.
A quick dip in this fountain would have been great

Despite all the UGLY graffiti in Athens,
I did find one building that did not appear to have any.

A walk around the Flea Market and coffee and lunch
And a beer for my wife.

Day 10: At sea…dinner at the Captain’s table
hosted by Hotel Manager, Bosco Pires.
And YES, that is me in a suit!
Finally we get some “blanket art”…

Day 11: Penultimate day of the trip. We dock at Naples
and take a tour to the Amalfi Coast.
I have no idea why this is so named.
It has black sand and LOTS of rocks.

and Pompeii.
Amazing how long it has lasted.

With all the phalluses we found on our travels,
I thought that this was a sign to yet ANOTHER stall stocked with them.

Almost time to fly home…

One final sunset at sea

Disembarkation day arrives.
An emotional farewell to ship and crew.
A wonderful adventure, filled with many memories

Time to say goodbye to my new friends in guest relations.
What a great crew!

A final meal on Italian soil…
Shortly we will be back home, where the real world awaits.

We always use Leon as he is always early and a pleasure to deal with.

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