Spionkop Lodge,a great ending to a wonderful week.


The road from the Lodge to the main road is 1.5km of this.
Good training for trail running.
I was able to get on the main road and run for 9km.
And I know that Raymond Heron passed me.
I bumped into this Nguni cow at the start of my morning run …
She was more intent on getting breakfast than chasing me

My wife “skulking” behind the plants

A view of the main building.
It contains the reception area, bar, lounge and dining room

There is a rock swimming pool in front of the main lounge area.
None of the guests ( including my wife and I) were keen to try it out

The central accommodation.
Our room is behind the tree

One of the two self-catering cottages on the property.
They have a separate entrance are set a short walk from the main building

Our “ride” for the afternoon…

I am sure that we will NOT find one of these in the game reserve.
Even though there are no predators, owners will want to keep these Nguni cattle safe

This is where we spent the afternoon.
Only one of the “Big 5”, but does that actually matter?

These two young bull giraffe were sparring.
At this age, it is only as a practice for what will come once they reach maturity

A Hamerkop catching some late afternoon sun.

Eland, the largest antelope in Africa.
Big males can weigh in excess of 800kg and can clear a 2m fence in a single bound.
They can be domesticated and milked.

A young male giraffe watching us watching it…

A couple of Rock Hyrax, locally known as a Dassie
Interestingly, its closest living relative is the African Elephant.

Spioenkop Dam was finished in 1968, and commissioned in 1972.
It has a capacity of 272,265 cubic meters ( 9,614,900 cu ft)
and a surface area of 15.3 sq km (5.9 sq mi)
The dam wall is 53m (174ft) high

Spiderwebs in the fading sunlight

Mom and baby White Rhino.
Still a special sighting, no matter how many times I see them

The final sunset of  our KZN road trip.
It has been a great journey and
we have both learned a lot about our history

No Bull…
Spionkop Lodge is great place to unwind
and learn…

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