Our KZN roadtrip…in the rear view mirror


CSN. Greatest Hits and Eagles, The complete greatest hits
The very best of Fleetwood Mac and The Definitive S & G
The soundtrack of our road trip…
I usually listen to Country music, but on this trip I tried something “different”.
It was a 4 CD trip…mainly because I was too lazy to change the CD
and, as I had not heard the music for a while,
I was prepared to listen to some songs twice
The was also a stretch on our return journey that I just enjoyed the silence and the open road.

Our first port of call in Balgowan on the Midlands Meander
The Falls self catering cottages.
Run by Derek and Cheryl Wigmore.
Well worth a stop-over and with wonderful views from every window.

Evening sky over KZN

Howick Falls. This is actually in the centre of Howick.
There is another, Karkloof Falls just outside of the town

The Nelson Mandela Capture Site.
A must see for both locals and Internationals alike

Waiting to be painted and fired.
This piece can be found at Ardmore Ceramics.
The art is quirky and can be seen as a “collectible of the future”

We stayed at this B&B in Ladysmith.
Run by Nicky and Christo Krugel who were a pleasure to spend time with.

The inside of the Ladysmith town hall

Our visit to Ladysmith ended with lunch at this restaurant.
Good food and friendly service makes this a “want-to-visit” eating destination for visitors.
It is also the first time that I have seen desserts listed before starters on a menu!
The owner did tell me that dessert sales have increased since he made the change.
Good thinking…

If you are in the area and want a tour, use Elizabeth.
She is most interesting and very knowledgeable.
She can be reached either via: www.ladysmith.co.za
or on her mobile 0722629669

Spionkop Lodge.
Owners Raymond and Lynette Heron and their family were wonderful hosts.

On the morning of 24 January, 1900,
Spionkop was covered in a mist similar to this.
And that caused major problems for the British forces

One of the many graves that can be found at the summit.
There are 700 soldiers buried in two trench graves.

Guide Extraordinaire…
Raymond Heron.
Being on his tour opened a whole new view of our history for me.
Many thanks Raymond…and I do hope that more local visitors come to enjoy your tours.

Spioenkop Dam was finished in 1968, and commissioned in 1972.
It has a capacity of 272,265 cubic meters ( 9,614,900 cu ft)
and a surface area of 15.3 sq km (5.9 sq mi)
The dam wall is 53m (174ft) high

” Yesterday is already a dream ,and tomorrow is only a vision, 
today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness 
and every tomorrow a vision of hope”
Spionkop Lodge

One of my favourite images from our trip.

To join one of Raymond’s tours advance booking is required.
Contact Lynette on:
036 4481 404 or 082 5730224/5
Email: spionkop@futurenet.co.za


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