Background to the Kilimanjaro 2014 Challenge.


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Over the past week,I have spent hours wandering around the school grounds.
Even though it is situated near a busy road in suburban Johannesburg,
it offers pupils and teachers a calm environment to work in

Perhaps our team can train on these stairs?

We might well need to use this bus to get us and our kit to the airport!

The school has a woodwork shop when the pupils make and sell a range of products.
The smell of wood and machinery took me back to my High school years in Port Elizabeth.
In fact, I believe that my Mom still has two of the items that I made in Matric (1970)
One is a pot holder and the other is a pig that she uses as a doorstop.
I don’t think that it was meant to be a pig, but it turned out that way

There is also a metal shop where items like burglar bars etc are made.
St Vincent will soon be opening a shop at the school where these items will be on sale

How many of us spent time outside the Principal’s office?

Better that trying to memorize multiplication tables in class.
Putting the stairs to good use.

Who will be climbing? 

The core team consists of…

David Batzofin
Radio personality, photographer, travel writer 
and award winning blogger
“Life is too short to eat bad bagels”…
Why Kilimanjaro?
“This will be my second trip up the mountain to raise awareness and funds for a good cause
I want to see the horizon once again from the top of the highest mountain in Africa”
Bianca Schulte.
Food and beverage manager
Heia Safari Ranch
“Live in the NOW as much as possible.
Life is a journey of learning and experiencing anything you choose”
Why Kilimanjaro?
“I like to do as much as possible in this life
and Kilimanjaro is an experience I am looking forward to.
To walk, unencumbered by technology,
enjoying the beauty and the scenery on the mountain”.
Terence Parkin:
Deaf Olympic swimmer and
Ambassador for the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation
“Success is 90% attitude and 10% training.
With the right attitude you can do anything.
The worst disability is attitude”
Why Kilimanjaro?

“For me it is a lot of things wrapped into one. 
1] I am  always up for a challenge. 
2] I am keen to promote  awareness for Deaf Education and also Deaf sport. 
3] The Deaf can do anything – no limits. 
4] To be the first SA Deaf Olympian to do this will be awesome”. 
My 2006 Kilimanjaro experience


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