Off on a (Midrand) Wild Goose chase…


Not quite a “Hobbit House”,
but the Midrand Wild Goose B&B came close.
This purpose built guest house currently has 12 rooms.
Mine was upstairs…
The view, albeit through the trees,
of Midrand, Gauteng was worth the “climb”.

The side view of the property…

The gentle tinkling of these wind-chimes was soothing
as I prepared for a long day of rehearsals.
The reason for staying here was that I was working on a TV shoot,
and travelling to and from home every day made a long day even longer.

This used to be a Lapa,
but owner Shayne has turned it into a free standing cottage

On my arrival, I discovered the pool and outdoor “entertainment” area

The following morning, the “water feature” had been turned on.

Bight colours add a nice touch…
I am not certain how comfortable the “hand” chairs are,
but they make good conversation pieces

The colour of the decor is echoed in the flowers that abound in the garden
At this time of year, Cosmos is prevalent and Shayne uses it extensively

Another interesting “chair”…

Air conditioning units usually distract from the aesthetics of the building they are attached to
Not so at Wild Goose.
Here they have been integrated into the design.
And more importantly, they are whisper quiet!

My “home” for the week…
A very comfortable bed
and the pillows are contenders for my “Best Pillow Award”.

A bath that I can lie in and read.

But for the days when I was in a hurry to get to rehearsals,
there was a shower

Each room has a micro-wave and a small fridge.
Breakfast is included, but dinner can be supplied as an extra.
You will find it waiting for you in your micro-wave on your return.
Lights will also be turned on so that you do not come back to darkened accommodation

The Cosmos that I mentioned earlier…

“Dinner for one”?

The brightly coloured breakfast area.
If you do not feel like joining the other guests,
you can enjoy your meal on your balcony

After returning from a full day of indoor rehearsals,
it was good to enjoy a moment in the cool Highveld air before heading for bed.

I do enjoy counting thatch rather than sheep…
Goodnight all!

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