Mooching around the Midlands Meander

Day two of our roadtrip.
The view from The Falls self catering cottages
Best time of year to visit.
Autumn…cold but beautiful.
Dew and a spider web in the early morning light
The railway line close by is well used by goods trains of various descriptions
The driveway to our accommodation.
They don’t have their own website as yet,
but you can find out more about them via:
We spent some time in Howick (as my Mom lives there)
I found this musician/puppeteer at the Howick Falls.
He seems to do a medley of Beatles song…
he sang the same one for most of the time that I stood listening to him.
He them changed to Bob Marley…
In case you are wondering where other important falls might be…
There was a “craft” market on the day we were in town.
Perhaps bows are new to Howick?
The food stalls were doing a great trade because of the weather
This cloud reminded me of an eagle…
but I might be wrong?
Why build a wall?
I asked the question, and this is the response I received:

“It was a defensive wall built to protect the early inhabitants of Howick from raids by local tribes. 
Howick was established as a way-station on the DBN-JHB wagon trail. 
The Howick Falls Hotel also traces it’s origins to this time. 
The original ford over the Umgeni River was at the top of the falls but as result of too many wagons being washed over the falls, they relocated it to where Midmar Dam’s wall is today. 
The original laager wall surrounded the way-station, but most of it has been lost to time”.
There is a second hand shop in the main street that has been there for 20 years.
South African singing sensation Steve Hofmyer buys books there.
This hat caught my lens
My wife discovered this Marmoset outside the cafe where we had lunch
My Mom and my wife discussing what we would have for lunch.
We all had roast beef and Yorkshire pud.
Ray’s Cafe also does breakfast and teas
The iconic image of Madiba with Springbok Captain Francois Pienaar
after we won the Rugby World Cup in 1995
My wife’s long walk to…
This spectacular statue of Madiba
Across the road is where he was actually captured in 1962
It is election time in SA as I write this and the opposition DA poster is on the pole
Perhaps a train trip next?
We finished off the day at Il Postino.
Good food and friendly service.

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