Ladysmith, relieved!


We spent the night at this B&B with owners Nicky and Christo.
Highly recommended and a pleasure to be in their company.
The rooms were comfortable and the pillows the best I have slept on in a long while.
The poached eggs at breakfast were done to perfection!
Give Nicky a call: 0825700413 for rates and accommodation details

The Ladysmith city hall from the inside courtyard

Tour Guide Elizabeth Spiret explaining the Siege of Ladysmith to my wife

At the top of Wagonhill, overlooking Ladysmith
where the British forces were encamped

We visited this memorial as part of the Battlefields experience

This memorial commemorates some of the Jewish soldiers
 who fought on the side of the Boers

Each of these hands has an index finger pointing towards a battle.
The taller the hand the further the battle was from this point.
In the centre is a crypt that holds the remains of some of those killed during the siege
The battles are, in no particular order:
Colenso, Tulana, Elandslaagte, Spionkop and Vaalkrans

Looking out over modern Ladysmith.

Looking towards on of the hills that the Boers were encamped on

A rather sad story…
Twenty years prior, this family fought on the side of the British during the Zulu Wars.
At The Siege of Ladysmith, they fought against and died at the hands of their former allies.

A wall of Remembrance for the fallen Boers.
These headstones were at a variety of battle cemeteries.
It was felt that they could be better preserved at a central site.

Not all the headstones were carved.
Often names were scratched into rock or slate

Heading out to one of the well hidden gun emplacements.
If you are in the area and want a tour, use Elizabeth.
She is most interesting and very knowledgeable.
She can be reached either via:
or on her mobile 0722629669

A shell in the wall of the town hall.
It was hit four times

If you are interested in the history of the Siege,
then you have to visit this museum in the centre of  Ladysmith

Clearly laid out exhibits tell the story from both sides.

One of the MANY cannons that can be found around the city hall

A model of a Boer artillery crew

This was the family home of my godmother.
I last visited her in 1972 and the area around the house was TOTALLY different.
The house was sold to the local council who are currently using it as offices

Our visit to Ladysmith ended with lunch at this restaurant.
Good food and friendly service makes this a “want-to-visit” eating destination for visitors.
It is also the first time that I have seen desserts listed before starters on a menu!
The owner did tell me that dessert sales have increased since he made the change.
Good thinking…

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