Happy at the Hyatt Regency in Rosebank


How many of you have ever been a
My wife and I recently got that opportunity when we stayed at this hotel.
Although it is less than 6km’s from our home,
we felt that we were in another town
And it has been a while since we stayed in such a plush hotel.
Usually our holidays are spent at bush lodges or something similar
When the building first went up,
locals compared the exterior to a prison.
But, over the years it has become one of the landmarks in Rosebank
The lobby…empty when I arrived.
My timing was perfect because as I finished checking in
a LARGE tour group arrived.
I smiled as I left the staff to deal with non-English speaking guests

The view from the Regency Club lounge on the eighth floor.
Only by looking out of the windows were we reminded that we were STILL in Johannesburg

The Recency Club lounge…
with a Nespresso machine…but no George Clooney.


I found this interesting decor feature in the passage that leads to the gym
and Phumula Spa

A lap pool on the roof?
Not quite, as this is only the sixth floor…

While my wife curled up in this chair,
I took the opportunity to look through the Spa and gym

Part of the Spa reception area

The gym is bright, with all the usual machines and weights…
A too many mirrors!
The gym that I regularly frequent has NO mirrors in the areas that I train in

oneNINEone…Where we had dinner.
Great staff, an interesting menu and good cappuccino to finish off with.
It might seem pricey by South African standards,
HOWEVER it is a “special” occasion eating destination.

Part of the water feature in the garden on the back patio

Our room…
With a VERY comfortable bed and a proper desk for me to work at.

It has been a LONG while since I found one of these in a hotel bathroom.
I will put it (and me) to the test after my run in the morning…
Which I did and it was VERY kind to me.

Reflections 2

The original art work in the passages in a welcome change
from the usual prints that tend to grace hotel walls

Plenty of comfy furniture to sit in

An interesting decor feature…
These can be found throughout the hotel

I managed to grab one shot of the sunset over the western corner of the hotel.
Time for bed…not quite


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