A tourist in my own city…we stay at the Hyatt Regency in Rosebank


The outside bar area…
In summer, a great venue.
In winter, there are HUGE gas heaters that keep the area toasty warm

The kitchen at oneNINEone…
No place to hide.
James, the chef on the left, and I had an interesting conversation about his “mash”.
Most unusual and something I intend to try and replicate.
I did promise that I would take my version for him to taste.

The wine cellar at the entrance to the restaurant

My “office”…
A proper desk and fast Internet connectivity.
What more could a travel writer ask for?

I had though of trying the gym,
However, I decided to do a long run instead.
And it was a new route which included hills that I have not run in more than five years
We had spent yesterday at the Recency Club as it serves afternoon cakes and coffee.
In the early evening it also offers certain guests, drinks and snacks

In the morning it is used to serve continental breakfasts

As there is no hot option, I had to choose healthy.
This was my “starter”…

Followed by this…YUM!

Most of our final afternoon was spent at their on-site Spa
There are several waiting areas available to guests.
This one offers water, tea, juice and fresh fruit.
My wife waiting for her treatment.
She is seated on the other side of a water feature

Some of the wall decor in the Spa

These were in the mens changing room.
I was reliably informed that the women have the same facilities.
There is also a sauna and steam room

At last the gown fits.
Losing nearly 17kg’s has paid off and I could actually fit into this
“one-size-fits-all” gown

Now if only they would do man size footwear.
There has to be a niche market supplier willing to look into this.

Both my wife and I had massages followed by a facial for me,
and a manicure for her.
The nail polish colours on offer were VERY bright, and she (with my help)
chose this green “for fun”…
I can’t wait to hear what her work colleagues have to say.

We found an outdoor seating area to spend the last few hours of our stay.
We had been given a late check out which meant that we only had to leave after our spa treatments

And what a way to leave…
with the BIGGEST, best presented cappuccino I have ever seen.
And at the same price that we had paid for a much smaller version in Australia in 2013

If you are a tourist you have to wander…
and we did.
We found it different accessing Rosebank from a different direction.
In the process we discovered Motherland Coffee Co.
Well worth a visit.

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