“Behind-the-scenes” at WGSA Awards. Cresta Barnyard


For an event like this you need a producer…
Someone like Richard H Nosworthy…
The entertainment for the evening…
or part of it.

I did not know that Fender’s were made in Mexico…
Did you?

All keyed up and ready for the event

Now I know why the bass players get the girls…

Rehearsal time.
Barnyard Cresta was the venue.
I have to say that the staff were a pleasure to work with.
Many thanks to Iris the theatre manager.

Writers Guild of South Africa…
Awards evening

It was hot work…

This fellow was not invited…’
he was looking for free snacks.

Looking like a cover model…

“Selfies” are still in vogue.

Jack “two mikes” was the MC for the evening.
Or should I say the afternoon.
It a break with tradition, the event was held from 16h00-18h00.
Perhaps other awards ceremonies should take note?

A happy winner!

One of the three singers who also doubled on the trombone.

Looking like an older Percy Sledge?

She was not reading the lyrics off her hand.

I did mention the trombone…

The trophy cast an interesting shadow on this winner

Thandi Brewer receiving her lifetime achievement award.
Well deserved!

All the winners.
There should have been 7, but the documentary category did not have a winner.
Congratulations to all.


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