Snakes on a plain…


This crowd awaits the arrival of the snakes with eager anticipation?
I am NOT so certain.
They were there to participate in a snake handling course,
run by one of South Africa’s top “snake-men”.
Johan Marais
On the same property the “Warrior” race had just taken place.
These participants stopped to watch…
from a distance.

This is how NOT to try and pick up a snake with a hook stick.
First up…the Puffadder…
One of the fastest striking snakes in South Africa.
Testing the air…
Each delegate had to pick up the relevant snake…

And place it in a snake tube…
Without getting bitten OR hurting the snake

This Snouted Cobra in a typical defensive position.

Same exercise…using tongs

Without the hood, it does not look as impressive.

Snake v Tongs…
A Forest Cobra takes a bow…

It is more muscular that the Snouted…

And it was more intent on “escaping” that doing anyone harm

This is how I like a snake to look…’
away from me!

And finally, my favourite for the afternoon…
The Boomslang

Same exercise again,
but trying to get this snake to play along was NOT easy.

It kept tying itself up in knots on the tongs

And then it was over and time to pack the snakes
and the equipment away

To find out more about the courses.

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