Liza’s Cottage, a bit of heaven in Hatfield Pretoria.


I have never started a posting with a “family” portrait before.
However, it is pertinent
as my daughter and I were in Pretoria to attend the Fiestas.
Her production, “Pruttel” had garnered three nominations. 

This was my “home” during my two night stay in Pretoria.
Conveniently situated in Stanza Bopape Street in Hatfield.

The property by night…
This view is from the balcony in front of my room

Cosy and comfortable…

Good old fashioned taps…
Easy to use and get the water temperature correct.
None of those “fiddly” mixer units!

And this was my toothbrush holder…
instead of a boring glass

Morning view of the garden leading up to the
main house/reception/public area

Post rain…

A quiet corner of the garden.
One of these mammals is real.
Can YOU guess which one it might be?

The main reception area.
Here you will not find conference facilities or a “wellness centre”,
what you WILL find is good, old-fashioned, hospitality of the best kind.
Owners Gert and Alida Jonker live on the property,
making their interaction with the guests personal and “hands-on”.

The public areas are filled with their possessions.

You know that you are in a good place when you find a family of bears.

Or a wonderful old piece like this.

One of the many stained glass windows
reflecting in the dining room door.

Proper linen serviettes!
And a breakfast that included sardines on toast.
An item that I have not seen on a menu before.
It was delicious…
as were the chicken livers on day two.

The pool is solar heated and can be accessed by all the guests
To find out more about availability and pricing,
visit their website:

Liza’s Cottage is situated within walking distance of the Union Buildings.
The grounds boast a spectacular view of Pretoria.

The topiary is awesome, with there shrubs all trimmed with precision.
Like a lamington in a Masterchef bake off…

This statue of Madiba in the gardens of the Union Buildings,
seems to be embracing Pretoria…
and by extension, all of South Africa
Opened in 1913 the building was designed by Herbert Baker and is a mixture of
Italian Renaissance, Neoclassical, Cape Dutch and Edwardian architectural styles

This “strange” statue is outside the Government Communications offices.
Neither the sculptors name or description is on the work.
Perhaps someone knows what this is meant to represent?

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