A walk on the “wild” side…Woodlands Office Park


My work often takes me to interesting places.
I was at an office park to do a corporate photo shoot.
Little did I know what lay on the other side of this building
A lot of office parks have a large pond with Geese and ducks.
This is no exception…

This rabbit came to see if I had something to eat.
I was not totally surprised as our local police station has free roaming rabbits

This is Northcliff Tower in the western suburbs of Johannesburg.
The suburb that we live in is not to far from this landmark.

The surrounding office buildings are completely hidden.

One of a group of  African Wattled Lapwings that I discovered on my walk

The commercial heartland of Johannesburg…

I do like these…
They added a splash of colour to what was an otherwise green landscape.

Unfortunately, just before I could photograph the Springbok,
the Blesbok sounded an alarm call and they all took off…

There is a bird hide near one of the ponds.
It seems to have fallen into disrepair and the bulrushes are all that can be seen

Makes sense…

I almost walked into this Impala ram on the path

and he was not alone…

The office workers use the “reserve” to walk and have lunch in

I was excited to find this Grey Heron.
And to get it to “pose” for me

The adult Blesbuck does not look to be in great condition,
however the youngsters are the future of the herd.

One of the many benches that can be found in the “reserve”.
I wonder how many life changing decisions, both business and personal,
are made by people sitting here?

And inquisitive ground Squirrel.
They seem to be used to humans as I later discovered
when I was mobbed by a group of them on the pathway

Standing out from the herd?
I have never seen this before.
Luckily it has grown sideways,
meaning that it will not have an impact on feeding.

Time to slow down and eat the roses…
A great way to relax after a hard day at work.

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