Toilets and other mountain moments. Kilimanjaro 2006 expedition.

We had been warned about the state of the toilets (known as Kilimanjaro Long Drops).but NOTHING prepared me for what I experienced on the other side of these wooden walls…
Toilet paper in the nose did not help to mask the smell…
Our homes.Although they look small, these 2-man tents were actually quite roomy.
The green tent is the mess tent, the central meeting place
An early morning view of the mountain
Barranco wall…a three hour climb for us, our porters did it in 45 minutes!
No one could explain these to me.
Found in only one area, there were dozens of them
Everything we need to eat and drink had to be carried up the mountain by the porters.This included chairs and tables for the mess tent
“Pole,Pole” means “Slowly, Slowly” in Swahili…one step at a time.
We learned very quickly to get to meals early. That way you got a seat that was out of the wind.

Our guides and porters…

David Batzofin
February 2007/December 2011/January 2014
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Highly recommended!

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