Time for a tune up…


“Hidden” on the corner of 4th Avenue and 8th Street in Linden is this gem.
You cannot eat off the floor like some of the dealership workshops,
but would you want to?
Personally, I prefer better service and price.
It was time for my little Noddy car to get some TLC.

This is what a proper workshop should look like.
Not like a NASA control centre.

There is always a box of parts in your car when you fetch it…
How do you know if the parts even came from YOUR car.
And what is the real purpose?

I know Jack Sh*t,
I met him at this garage.

Boxes and tools lie all over the workshop.
The owner kept apologizing for the chaos,
but it “worked” for me.

‘Nuff said.

A clean desk?

I bet you that the owner knows EXACTLY what is buried under this

Time to stop and smell the brake pads?

This is the company loan vehicle.
Luckily for me I only live a few streets away
so I can run or walk to deliver/fetch my car.
Very convenient

Where are the missing tools?

“Let me think”…
This is the owner and chief mechanic, Alki Koutouvides.
He has run this workshop here for the past decade

Could these be some of the “missing” tools?

And perhaps a couple more here?

Alki likes to repair rather than replace where he can.
Saves on the cost for the client.
When I dropped off my car,
I overheard a customer saying that Alki had brought his car “back from the dead”.
High praise indeed

Making bookings, chatting to customers, buying spares.
Alki has to do it all.
No receptionist. no internet, no social media.
Just good honest work.

What is missing?

Alki is.
No matter what car you drive, a Z4 or a Getz,
Alki can fix them all.
And if he cannot, he will tell you.
Now that is service with honesty.
Give him a try…

Don’t delay, call today.
The workshop is open Monday to Friday from 07h30.

Read more about my “little” car here:


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