Jeppe Tyre. Established in 1969, and still going strong!


It has been several years since I last visited Jeppe Tyre.
And aside from the “new” roof,
nothing has changed

This visit was part of a “make-over” for my Noddy car.
4 new tyres!
You might want to read how I got my Noddy car: 

These were certainly far too big to fit on my vehicle
Amazing what can be done creatively with them.
I have to admit that these “chairs” were VERY comfortable

In fact they were more comfortable than the chairs in the rather forlorn waiting room

New for old.
My replacements on the left.

Tools of the trade. It must be very difficult to keep a shop like this clean.

Not “Wax on, wax off”…
“Tyre on, tyre off…

Inside the shop it is a veritable museum to South African sports heroes.
Roy, the owner has done Comrades Marathon 25 times…
That is more than 2000km ( about 1320 miles)
Well done Roy…

It seems that Roy is doing exactly what the sign says…

Remember these?
My first car was a Wolsley 1100 and I
remember my Dad asking me if I wanted white-wall tyres.
The answer was “Of course not”…
However, in retrospect, these would have looked cool

And how many of the modern generation remember this?
A parking meter.
Put your money in and crank the lever.
Time in 15 minute increments.

There has to be a sign like this,
just in case.
When in doubt, refer to the sign.

To keep you life in balance…literally.
I cannot wait to do a road trip on my new “treads”.
Thanks to all at Jeppe Tyre for great service,
and the banana.

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