From Barafu Camp to the Summit. Kilimanjaro 2006 expedition.


A view of our group makes its way into our final camp before our summit attempt

It is much easier for guys on the mountain…although “mountain etiquette”
decrees that you face away from the mountain.

Private toilets are available(at a price)…ask your tour operator if they have.They are well worth the cost. I was lucky enough to be able to use one that belonged to another group.It had a proper seat, toilet paper, a magazine rack and it was spotless!

A table and chairs provides a bit of comfort amongst the rocks
My screen says it all…
This particular model was not meant to work at this altitude…or temperature.
In fact, I took it to the summit with me and it switched on at -15C AT 5895m!
Our group arrives at Stella point…
From here to the summit is about 100-150m and it will take the best part of an hour
to reach the summit from here.
Consider how fast Usain Bolt runs the 100m.
Just in time to see the sunrise!
Truly breathtaking…if you have any left after having climbed for the past 7 hours.
The sun makes an appearance…

Walking along the ridge from Stella Point to Uhuru Peak.Although the distance is only a hundred meters, the walk takes about an hour
The glaciers on the top of Kilimanjaro are evaporating, but there were still a few left in 2006

These glaciers are truly spectacular,
but how long they will still be here is another story

If you look closely you will see where this glacier is melting…
another glacier…the lighting in the early morning was beautiful.

A view of the crater…Kilimanjaro is a volcano
On one of the routes, climbers can actually overnight in the crater.
Although it makes the morning climb shorter, the temperature is well below freezing
This is what it is all about…a board at the top of a mountain!

A local entertainer,Steve Hofmyer gave me R10000.00 for hospice.
This CD,which he signed, was later sold at a charity auction

I found this chameleon on the long walk back to the gate…

Back at the hotel,I collect my completion certificate from John our head guide…

and it looks like this…note the age segment is blank…
When I completed this assent, many people asked me if I would do it again.
I was uncertain at first, but I did the climb again in 2014
and stood, once again, at Uhuru Peak!
This is the company that I climbed with.
Highly recommended!

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