Waiting for our transport. Final thoughts on Coogee


Bags are packed.
I was woken early this morning by the demented screaming of a Kookaburra.
There is a reason it is called the “Laughing Jackdaw”…
Their call is scarier than that of a Hyena.

Sisterly love.
The trip allowed them to spend time together.

One of the impressive cliff faces in Coogee

A spot for me to reflect on what 2014 might hold.

I found Coogee to be family orientated.
These parents were trying to explain to their daughter why having a puppy was a bad idea.

“Walk away Rene”…
Birds of a feather…

Bird with no feathers…

The sea wall fascinated me.
The stones have aged differently, giving an interesting overall effect

The main street…
A lot like Linden, but not quite.
At least the coffee in Linden does not cost R40.00.
We tried not to constantly convert, but it was not easy when the exchange rate is
A$1= R10.00!

And so, we get ready to wing our way back home…
What will we find in our now Madiba-less society?
I shudder to think…         

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