Voyager of the Seas.Gene and Justin’s first cruise.

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This has been our home for the past 11 days.
In the beginning Justin and I found it difficult to adjust to life at sea,
however after a couple of days we found our “sea-legs”
and after that it was plain sailing!
All the people we met were keen to interact with us.
Just goes to show that traveling Gnomes attain instant
If it was not for us,
David would not have been able to interact with such interesting people.
And he never thanked us…
Not even ONCE! 

Unfortunately, the on board coffee was not great.
We did find good coffee in this shop in Picton.
Caro said it was great…
we don’t actually “do” coffee. 

We got our feet wet on the beach in Picton.
The weather was wonderful and the people were curious to see us.
We tried to find a sea urchin for David,
but we failed…
We discovered later that even if we HAD found one,
we would not have been allowed to take in back to Australia! 

In Dunedin, the weather vacillated from sunshine to hot…
We discovered that possum fur is the best way to keep warm.
We asked the owner what would happen if Dame Edna Everage walked into the store.
Would her first words be “Hello Possums”? 

We were introduced to Green Stone and why it is so important in the Maori culture.
We now have a better understanding of why David wears his piece constantly. 

Deck 5 on Voyager of the Seas was usually a melee of shoppers,
so we stayed away.
We ventured out when it was quiet.
This Morgan was a great talking point.
Why is a British classic is outside a sports bar on a Norwegian built,
American owned ship? 

Justin holding his tummy while I have collected some snacks for later.
Just in case I cannot find anything to eat. 

We got to meet Captain Ryan’s good luck mascots on the bridge.
We tried to have a conversation, but they only speak Japanese…
But Justin and I enjoyed our time on the bridge very much.
Thank you to Captain Ryan and his team for making us welcome

We asked this fellow for a job.
He said that he was only hiring Elves…

Our bag is packed.
I wonder where we are off to next…

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