Voyager of the Seas, roll call.

To see all the postings from our trip, thanks to the following crew members that made this trip so memorable.
It was a pleasure to travel on your ship.

Captain Sverre Ryan.
Thanks for allowing me to spend time on the bridge…and to bring the Gnomes with me.
If the captain every gives up this job, he will make a great cake decorator…

Colin J Clarke, Hotel Director.
For accepting  my “wish-list” for interviews.

Adrian Fernandes, Guest Relations Officer.
Thanks for making the interviews happen.
AND for voting for my Blog.

Luke Aerowsmith, Cruise Director…
What happens on the Voyager of the Seas,
stays on Voyager of the Seas.
Great cake Luke!

Retail Officer, John Bragg.
Making sure that the passengers don’t spend all their money on shore excursions.

Chief Engineer, Stan Sunjic.
It is his job to make certain that our trip was mechanically uneventful.
And it was!
Thanks for having me “locked-up”

John Marshall, Environmental Officer.
Making certain that the footprint of the ship is kept as small as possible.
Thanks for all the anecdotes John.

Executive Chef, David Whelehan.
How you put out all the meals and ON time, I cannot comprehend
I have the utmost respect for you and your teams.

Kia Ora…
Tusitala Sola, Food and Beverage Director.
A thankless job no doubt.
But many thanks from me.

John Henderson, Pilot
not strictly a crew member, but he did get us through the Sounds.

Kimberley, with the raffle bowl.
After a life vest, the most important object on board…

Olinda, our stateroom attendant.
With one of the many towel animals she made for us.
Many thanks from Caro and I

Our waiter, Reynaldo.
What a breath of fresh air!
If only land based restaurant staff were like him…
And in future, we will eat slower.
Many thanks for making our meals such a pleasure.

His assistant, Cristito.
A smiling face in spite of some rough seas.
Thank you for being so entertaining.

“Washie, washie”
Jenny was the first crew member we interacted with.
Her washing song might not make a hit parade,
it will always remain with us.

To all the entertainers I met and watched work.
Raquel, Sean, Simon and Jonathan…
You guys ROCK!

The less I say about this the better.
All I can say is that if you are ever on a cruise and the play The Quest…
you better be in the audience…
Thanks to all the passengers that we befriended for making the trip so enjoyable.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.
Till the next cruise…

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