Voyager of the Seas. 3am!


I knew that it was Sunday…
Because the elevator told me.

This eatery was open at 3am.
Serving cookies, pizza and coffee…

The casino was deserted.
But some of the machines “speak”…
Most disconcerting to hear voices when no one is around.

There are several pieces by this artist on board.

Buckle up?
This Morgan was outside the sports bar.
A talking point for men and women

As a result of a cold front, the weather was not “the best”…
The water in the swimming pool was the only way to judge how rough the sea actually was.
Thanks to modern technology, this was not felt by the passengers.

One of the many staircases on board.
From the underside…
Because the staircases are usually crowded with people taking pictures of each other!

3am on deck.
I was the only passenger around.
The silence was almost tangible.

One of the many “themed” restaurants on board.
This diner serves burgers et al.

When I first spotted this statue I thought that it was a person…
I nearly said “HELLO”…
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