Our final full day in Australia. Goodbye and thanks for all the fish…


One final walk along the beach front in Coogee.
It was a glorious day, just a pity about the wind…

In some areas, cars have to park”rear to curb”.
Failure to do so can incur a A$80.00 fine

Looking back towards Coogee.
Personally, I think that it is a better beach than Bondi.
But I do not surf.

Picking up the poop.
The dog seems to be saying;
“I have done my part, now you do yours”.
You cannot say that you forgot to bring a plastic bag,
as these dispensers are all over.

One of the houses that caught my eye.
Property here is VERY expensive!

Another view of Coogee, showing the various rock pools.
There is a “public” pool and then there are also two more pools,
one for men and another for women and children.

This is about the biggest wave they get here.


Someone stole his towel and book…

Chains in the sand.
Not EXACTLY treasure…
unless you are ACTUALLY looking for a chain!

You would think that the police force would be dressed in shorts.
The officer in the center has a Tazer as well as a sidearm.

The area is full of Gulls,
even though there are signs forbidding feeding,
some people do.
Or they leave food unattended…

“Eyes right”…

The road along the beach front

I went “home” via a different route and discovered this “treasure trove”.
I was able to take a book, two bags and an art-deco tea service!

From the busy beach to bustling Bondi Junction.
And look what I found…

Mobile Christmas trees.
They must have been REALLY hot.

This fellow was selling magic tricks.
All of which were very good and his patter was great.
I do hope that this Mom bought her boy one.

No comment…

Tomorrow Caro and I fly back to South Africa.
To Jess, Aidan, Myron and Jo…it was great to spend time with you guys.
Aido, thanks for letting us use your room.
It was much appreciated.
Till we meet again…         

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