Nelspruit bound, an unexpected road trip.


 “Oh how I wish I could magically produce a coordinator to work for me in Nelspruit tomorrow and ensure I don’t have two days in a row of getting on the road at 06h00”!

It was this Facebook request from a friend that sent me on an unexpected Christmas road trip.
Only in Africa would you find THIS road sign…

I have no idea what this is, but it caught my attention.
Near Millies on the N4. 

The “thriving” metropolis of Waterval Boven…
There has to be at least ONE church… 

I spotted two…
But I am certain there are more.
Have to love small town SA! 

This is the quintessential South African road side icon. 

This was my ultimate destination…
An up market self-catering establishment outside of Nelspruit. 

There are all sorts of “nooks-and-cranny’s”  that can be used for a variety of functions

The indigenous gardens are magnificent. 

Some of the self catering accommodation on offer. 

The interior of my chalet was well appointed,
with a well stocked kitchen. 

The bed was comfortable,
and the pillows met my exacting standards!
The downside…MOZZIES…vast numbers of them.
I eventually ended up sleeping with a towel over my head.
And STILL they managed to find a way to annoy me.
A can of Peaceful Sleep in the cupboard would have been nice. 

The view from my deck 

If you look carefully, the white area ALMOST looks like a map of Africa 

Stunning flowers in the garden 

I was not here on a holiday,
I was here to to make certain that SA Idols winner Musa  was looked after. 

He did two sets and the crowd went wild… 

After “work” I went back to sit on my deck 

Pathways lead between the chalets that are hidden among the rocky outcrops 

Stone on stone…

On my way home, I stopped here.
I have driven past this many times but have never stopped to investigate.

The Bergendal Monument 
This was the last set-piece battle of the Second Anglo-Boer War.
 It lasted from 21–27 August 1900 and took place on the farm Bergendal near the town of Belfast.
 The 7,000 Boers were under the command of General Louis Botha
 and the 19,000 strong British forces were led by General Sir Redvers Buller, 
 under the overall command of Lord Roberts.
The battle stats:
Boers: 20 guns, 20 killed and 19 wounded.
British: 82 guns, 15 killed and 107 wounded.
The British claimed the victory!
Information from Wikipedia


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