My walk from Coogee to Bondi. Australia.

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It was just before the walk that I learned of the death of Nelson Mandela.
The first line is from a South African folk duo, Des and Dawn,
written in the ’70’s…but not for Madiba
Like this Gull, he too cast a giant shadow over our land,
and our hearts
RIP Tata.

A view from Coogee Beach out towards Wedding Cake island

Tai Chi on the beach

It looks as the flags are already flying at half mast

Regular paddling is tough enough,
doing it standing is even harder.

This scrawny bird is one of the local species

A bit of Africa…
A Sacred Ibis struts along the beach front

Cannot play rugby,
cannot spell either?

A flock of gulls…

In the 20 minutes that I watched this artist,
Ate a banana,
Had some coffee,
Re arranged his easel
Painted one line of surf…

Not quite “Baywatch”…

“Who is Cliff Edge” and why should we stay away from him?

We found this dog sitting and looking forlornly at the door.
I rang the bell so that the owner could let him in.
Both were thankful

Crouching Gull?
Leaping seaweed?


I was told that this sign sums up Oz.
Have no fun!

Death stalks the pathway…
This wasp was dragging the spider off to use as food.

Some of the really splendid beach front property…

A cemetery with the BEST view.

And eventually,
Bondi Beach.
I could not see what all the fuss is about.
Cape Town has the mountain.
But here the water is warm and clear.  

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