My walk about in Australia.

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“Look wistfully out to sea”…
My favourite holiday “hobby”,
taking photographs of photographers.

My wife, striding out on our walk this morning.
The 2 hour + walk took us along some of the most spectacular coastline.
And, after the gale force winds that tore through Sydney on our arrival,
the weather was perfect.

A monument to some of the local creatures that are endangered.
I assume that these are life size…
Try putting a Rhino on a rock.
The current death rate in South Africa is 2.7 PER DAY!

Bondi Beach…
’nuff said

One of the many “sun-worshippers”…
It was pointed out to me(by my wife, I must add) that women are allowed to tan topless

Doing what is enjoyed best at Bondi…

The wall art is stunning…

No Great White in sight,
but this Croc looks like it has food in mind

And for the humans…

I don’t think that I have ever seen a sign like this in Johannesburg.
If there was, it would be to confirm theses as targets,
and the “40” would be a points allocation…

It was at this coffee/book shop that I found a sign saying
RIP Nelson Mandela…

These retro bicycles are way cool…

Seems to be a Mexican stand off between this Common Myna,
and the woman trying to pay for parking

I remeber these from my visit to NZ in 2007.
Technology has become more sophisticated now.
The “officer” takes a photo of the offending car, together with the parking sign
before issuing a ticket.
Conclusive proof of the violation…

Like me, this tourist was also taking pictures

Oz in a snap shot?

I found this fellow in Bondi Junction.
A monument to husbans who go shopping with their wives?


Reflections 2.
The public transport service WORKS!

Great name for a scaffolding company…
In a few hours we board The Voyager of the Seas in Sydney Harbour,
and begin our cruise to NZ.
Hence me being up at 03h45 (Oz time)…
Yes indeed I am…

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