Doubtful and Dusky Sounds from the bridge of the Voyager of the Seas


My gnomes get to meet the Voyager’s good luck mascots

Captain Ryan and John, the pilot, discuss the course

And yes, despite all the modern technology on board,
there is still a paper copy…

“Left hand down a bit”?
Not at all…all the correct protocols have to be followed.

These two ships were heading out of the Sounds.
Both were dwarfed by the sheer size of OUR ship.

The scenery is beyond description

These Sounds are uninhabited and
are possibly still very similar to when Captain Cook discovered them

Even though it was overcast, it did not stop me enjoying the view…
but then I WAS on the Bridge(thanks to Captain Ryan)

Pilot John did say that the hills ar filled with deer,
but we did not get to see any.
We did see seals and dolphins.

And, just like that, our trip through the Sounds was over.
We headed for the open seas and our overnight trip up the coast to Dunedin.
If you live in SA and would like to find out more about cruising,

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