With the Leopard ID Project at Machaba Camp, Botswana


This is the way to arrive at a game lodge…
Admittedly, not all three vehicles were there for us…
We arrived at Machaba Camp to find food waiting for us.
Always welcome!

These jam squares were especially delicious.
The plate was full when we discovered it on the table.

Crouching photographer…leaping ranger.
Ben showing us how to…?


More leopards that I could shake a stick at!
10 individuals in 4 days…

We were lucky enough to find this cub on more than one game drive.

Play time…in the shade.

Night falls…

And other predators are on the prowl.
This lioness was part of a pride that tried unsuccessfully (and half-halfheartedly I might add)
to catch an Impala for dinner

A Yellow-billed Stork in the early morning light

I see you!

A small herd of Elephants come to drink

Time for a nap…

We found this mongoose at the site of a Hyena den.
What is the plural for “mongoose”?
Answers on a postcard please…

Tusks can be used for collecting food…

The pool was well used by the rest of my travelling companions…

AND FINALLY…the rain came…
but only for about 5 minutes.

Just to prove that it had rained.
By the time we had covered our gear, and put the ponchos on,
it had stopped.



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