What to do at Massinga Beach.


I found this paw print in the path that leads from the bungalows to the main reception area. 

And then I found Bonji…the resident JR…
I was told that he is so popular with the guests that he even has his own FB page! 

Guests are invited to watch a coconut demonstration.
This fellow scampered up the tree in quick time…  

And proceeded to drop coconuts to the staff below. 

Some coconut trivia:
1] Coconut trees in this province are individually owned.
If you purchase land, you have to buy the trees as a separate deal.
2] Every part of a coconut tree can be used.
3] More people are killed annually by falling coconuts than by sharks! 

FRESH coconut straight off the tree.
Unlike the ones sold in the supermarkets, these contain a lot of coconut water.
Coconut “milk” is made by adding shaved coconut to the water 

Looking seaward during the demonstration 

I am not sure why I was getting this “look”…
by he had a machete…and I did not…
First and last picture 

The tress have been shaped by the wind… 

Genome enjoying a coconut cocktail 

The media group heading off to the beach.
These open vehicles are one mode of transport.
Guests can also cycle or walk along the beach 

The beach at Fingers 

One of the few areas along this stretch of coastline where waves break on the rocks 

A beach vista

I am uncertain as to how much of this magazine was actually read. 

Time to hit the shower… 

A quick drink…
in my case a Rock Shandy. 

Dinner awaits… 

As did the moon…

I forgot to close my curtains,
so this was my 4am wake up call…
But I was NOT complaining


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